Little stitches of happiness !

As life seems to become more demanding by the day, many of us look at getting our pleasure from the simpler aspects of life. And there is perhaps nothing as satisfying as making something by hand and seeing it come alive in front of one’s very own eyes.


Our partners at Piecemakers Country Store, Costa Mesa, CA, love narrating stories of how children eagerly sign up for their sewing classes, and how many of the children have been coming back for more classes year after year, for the last 8-9 years, ever since Piecemakers started these classes. Rossanna, who teaches sewing at Piecemakers, says that “Children love creating their own projects. Ever since Project Runway started, sewing has suddenly become fashionable and of interest to young kids. It’s not only girls who enjoy sewing; it’s the boys too. Girls start off a little cautious about using the sewing machine, while for boys it’s a tool and they are all pedal to the metal ! Boys don’t look upon sewing as a craft, for them this is a machine that they use to create something.”


Rossanna adds “We suggest starting at age 7 or older, and that is something a parent gauges best, looking at the other activities a child enjoys. Infact, one girl went home after her very first class, and working with a sewing pattern she created, she stitched herself a pair of pajama pants ! Sure some of the seams were a little off, but you should have seen the pride in her face and in her mother’s face when they brought these jammies around to the next class !”

Here is what one of the Piecemakers students has to say about their sewing classes : “Hi, my name is Anya. I have been sewing at Piecemakers with Miss Rossanna for 3 years. In this time I have made many fun projects and also some challenging ones. I feel very proud that I have been able to make 2 dresses. My last project was a pink twirl dress with a paneled skirt, with a zipper and a fitted bodice with cap sleeves. Miss Rossanna is always there when I make a mistake or need to resew a seem. Miss Rossanna’s knowledge of sewing and teaching has made sewing so much more fun!”


Class coordinators Jean and Joanna say kids love making stuffed animals, clothing like hoodies and twirly dresses, puppets and other items, depending on their skill levels. Classes are always fun and provide the children with a way to express themselves. Sewing helps kids improve their hand-eye coordination. It also builds their patience. “We see an amazing transformation in some of the quieter kids after a few sewing classes. They are not only more confident in the class, but they exhibit this new found confidence in everything they do”.


Joanna adds “All our classes are about positive reinforcement. We enjoy seeing the children love what they create, and create what they love. We don’t allow our children to say ‘I can’t’, no matter how stuck they feel they are. They quickly learn to ask for help, always knowing that they will get the help they need to complete the task at hand.”

Piecemakers Country Store conducts classes and summer camps in crochet, calligraphy, block lettering, soap making and sewing. Their sewing classes include a class in which students learn how to sew a stuffed unicorn ! Check out their classes at and for additional info see Piecemakers web site at or online class registration at