Encouraging kids to eat healthy foods


Our partners at Y.U.M. Chefs in San Francisco wrote in with this story of their experience teaching kids about healthy foods :


“Have you ever heard a similar story from a parent saying, “I just can’t get my kids to eat anything healthy. They are very picky eaters”? Well at Y.U.M. chefs we hear parents say, “Wow, my kids are eating more healthy foods now!” after they have left one of our cooking programs. There’s something to be said about trying new foods in a classroom environment among peers.


Last year during our summer camp there were a few children who refused to eat anything because the food did not look appealing to them. Usually, at the beginning of class there are a few picky eaters. It’s important to create a safe environment for kids to try new things, and most importantly, in its natural state. Many kids may not want to try something because of the way it looks, but how would you know what it tastes like if you’ve never tried it before? We encourage kids to at least try something once before they can have an opinion on whether they like it or not. Once the kids have tried something, we ask them what they think. Is it too crunchy, too salty, or sour? Using their senses, the children are able to then create a developed opinion and make their dish to their liking. If they like something that is less creamy or less salty, they can make their dish into something that they will eat. By the end of the week when they see their peers eating all of the healthy and delicious recipes we make, they also want to join in on the fun.


Through our cooking classes we have seen many children transform their palates into colorful eating. Many of our recipes include fruits and vegetables as we highly encourage kids to eat nutritious foods. Most of our recipes can easily be made at home as well, so parents can enjoy eating those healthy meals with their kids. “.


Thank you Ally Miller from Y.U.M. Chefs for this post. If you want more information about Y.U.M. Chefs, click here http://www.versatilekids.com/kidsactivities/yum-chefs-san-francisco-ca


And if you don’t live near Y.U.M. Chefs, simply click on www.versatilekids.com/kidsactivities/all-providers and select “cooking” for a list of other cooking classes near your home

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